Friday, February 3, 2023

Defiance, Ohio in RUINS

Living here all my life, I see the constant tear down of properties but never anything built back up. This property has had 100s of thousands of dollars spent to tear it down year after year for the past 15+years. Hopefully it doesn’t take another year to clean it up again like the SK property. While I’m at it, what’s going on with the new Native American park that is supposed to be govt sponsored? Where’s the new stuff that was supposed to be added to the corner by the bridge, I thought that was fema donated. Why did someone remove all the lilacs and apple trees from Kingsbury park, even though it got a million dollars donated to fix it up? Things like this make me feel like something’s off. Always money set aside to tear down but not to build back up unless it’s a fertilizer plant near the water department. Smh. 🥸
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Defiance, Ohio 2020 Video

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