Sunday, November 21, 2021

DIY Bike Makeover : Tropical Inspired Retro Red Crusier

Welcome Back to Be Glamorous By Lindsay.
Today I have a bike makeover to share with you.
I bought this old bike off the facebook marketplace
a couple of years ago and it's due time for a new look. 
I'm not an expert and I don't have
a bunch of tools to do a proper job but I went ahead and
worked this out with only spending a little less then $15. 

I started by taping off all the silver parts of the bike with good
old masking tape and grocery bags. I decided to stick with
the vintage theme of the bike and take it too the next level by
painting it red with silver trim, white tires, and add some tropical flowers.

For the red paint I decided to try Krylon Fusion All In One Spray Paint with Primer 
in the shade Gloss Red Pepper for $3.98. I used the whole can on this bike 
and it only needed one coat. For the silver paint I went with 
Rustoleum Metallic Aluminum Spray Paint  for $4.98 and that only needed 
one coat as well. I like both brands and will try them both again. I accented
the tires with a $1 can of white spray paint I already had. 

For the finishing touches I bought a 25cent basket from goodwill 
and grabbed $5 worth of tropical fake flowers from the dollar tree. 
This bike makeover only cost me $15 and 
the project took about 1 hour and 30 mins.

Thanks so much for checking out today's video, 
have a glamorous day and come back soon!

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

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